The Judge’s Sentence

Posted: February 2, 2012 by Ed Griffin in Prison
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judgeA judge renders a sentence… “You will serve ten years…etc.  or a longer or a lesser sentence. In many cases, the judge will set parole conditions.

But there are many things the judge does NOT sentence the person to:

 Getting Hepatitis A, B, or C from the dirt and lack of good sanitation in many prisons.

 Getting stabbed or beat up for being the wrong race or religion or sexuality. Getting raped.

 The inmate’s wife or husband suffers as well and the judge never mentions them. There’s an old saying that suffering womanthe man gets the sentence and the woman lives it.

 The judge also never mentions the effect on the inmate’s children. Or the very real divoricepossibility that the inmate will be divorced.

 Let’s say a man gets ten years. The judge doesn’t give the man the death sentence, but prisons often see that happen. Recently prison officials put a deranged killer in with an ordinary inmate. The inmate begged the officials to get him a different roommate. No luck. The result? The inmate was killed.

 The judge does not say, “Learn more crime.” But that’s exactly what happens.

 The judge wants the person to change, to become a good member of society. Prison staff want that, the guards want that. But it doesn’t happen. Half of the inmates will return to prison with new charges. Half. And many men and women end up believing what prison has taught them without meaning to – that they are worthless, dangerous, bad people. People live up to our expectations. Assume they are bad people, and they will be.

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