You are Somebody

Prison works to destroy a man or woman’s self esteem. Few prison programs do anything to resolve this problem. At least twice a year, I took time out to remind the men that, “You are somebody.”

Check out this interview with Ed Griffin about his inspiration for  “You are Somebody”

  1. Ed, sorry but I couldn’t get off the page to somewhere else with this. Was it a video? If so, my old dial up wouldn’t handle it. If it was meant to be a link one could follow, I can’t see it. Again, could be my computer, which is old – but usually it’ll show me the title of what I’m missing even when it won’t go there – if that makes any sense 🙂
    Best, to you,
    PS It’s ok, the things have finally appeared. The problem is my slow dial up, I’m hoping to change to BB in May.

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