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freeA few years ago, I showed up at my writing group with a chapter of my novel and something I wrote about myself. The group (the Rainwriters) had a lot to say about the novel chapter, most of it critical. But they loved the little thing I wrote about myself.

Week after week, month after month this went on. They liked the writing about myself, but had a lot of suggestions about the novel. One woman said, “Ed, your novel is okay, but these stories about yourself are your best writing ever.”

I believed her and put together my themed autobiography, Once a Priest, the theme being that priesthood continued in my life minus religion. the church and the roman collar. Even the title came from a man in the group. (A sub-text message is to find a good writing group or start one. It can make a big difference in your writing life)Once A Priest

Once a Priest is:

  • About a man finding himself, not a book about religion.
  • About carrying things of value from the church, not a book about being a priest.
  • About seeking the transcendent, the spiritual, not a book about what people said in confession.

Once a Priest is:

  • About Martin Luther King’s march from Selma to Montgomery
  • About a thirty-two year old man, a virgin, beginning to date
  • About running for political office – and winning
  • About getting married and having a family
  • About starting a business without knowing anything about the business
  • About moving to a new country
  • About teaching writing in prison
  • About living with cancer.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! Our birthdays are only two days (and a few years) apart 🙂

    • Ed Griffin says:

      thank you, Joanne. I know which way the “years apart” break down. Here in Vancouver, I’m as old as the Patullo bridge– built in 1936. People complain that it’s old and broken down, but still a lot of people travel over it every day. I hope I’m as ‘serviceable’

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