Posted: December 12, 2012 by Ed Griffin in Prison, Reform
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Sorry I haven’t posted a new “prison uncensored” this week. I’m participating in a trial for a new cancer drug and they have tested the ______ out of me in the past week. Medical trials do tons of tests in order to establish the effectiveness or not of their drug. The drug I’m testing is for prostate cancer, which I have fought for almost 18 years now.

But next week a Christmas Surprise called “The Five Days of Christmas,”

Remember people in prison at this time of year. It’s very hard for them. This is a time for family and our society, which says it’s for the family, denies this basic unit of our society to most inmates.

  1. Joanne says:

    Hang in there Ed! My thoughts are with you.

    Yes, the institution I am associated with does not have visits on any Stat Holidays, including Christmas. They do have visits on the 24th, however, which is close enough, I guess. Last year it was very busy that day until everybody was kicked out due to an emergency lock down.

    • Ed Griffin says:

      Thanks, Joanne. Isla Maria, off the Pacific Coast of Mexico, is an island prison where men live with their families in a community. Guards live there as well. I can’t figure North America out. We say the family is the most important thing and then we deny family to inmates. We say we believe in democracy, but there is no democracy in prison. I just don’t get it.

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