Prison to Freedom

Posted: April 8, 2013 by Ed Griffin in Uncategorized

I’m happy to introduce Cora Goodyear. Here’s a woman who’s worked in a woman’s prison for eighteen years. Here’s what she writes:


Prison is a unique culture – a culture no expects to be part of. The author has attempted to give the reader some insight into prisoners – their emotions, obstacles they encounter and some personal changes necessary for them to become contributing members of society. The author believes in the majority of cases people who have broken the law would be better served in the community with rehabilitation and restorative programs – than by imprisonment. The book is fictional but the author has utilized her personal experiences of volunteering and working for eighteen years in Provincial & Federal prisons.

The book tells the stories of Laura, a woman first arrested in Vancouver who goes through the Provincial and Federal Justice Systems and Daphne, another three-time Federal prisoner. An institutional parole officer gives Daphne the journal Laura had written while in prison, hoping she will gain insight along her road to redemption.

Prison To Freedom” is presently selling in Langley Chapters, Coles in Willowbrook mall, Langley Memorial Hospital and the House of James and the University of Fraser Valley bookstore in Abbotsford or can be obtained by contacting

The book price is $18 (plus shipping).

  1. Good luck with it, Cora.

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