Posted: December 8, 2013 by Ed Griffin in Prison, Reform
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One of my former students from prison sent me this:

A true story – a lifer in one of the Kingston area camps feeds the squirrels.  He was called into the IPSO’s office (prison police) and an explanation was demanded.  He was accused of, “Training the squirrels to run under the fence and bring back packages of drugs.”squirrel
This is now a part of his official record.  So, the next time he goes for a Parole hearing, he may be interrogated about his new “Organized Crime Syndicate.”

These paranoid prison staffers have grave psychological issues.

That story needs no comment from me.

  1. It would be funny, Ed, if it weren’t so sad.

  2. hg says:

    If only the people running the prisons (or, for that matter, running the government) were smart enough to train squirrels to do anything beyond running after food.

  3. Joanne says:

    You certainly provided me with a chuckle! I can so see it!

  4. Heather says:

    I’m so pleased this is on the books now officially. We need to cut down on crime and perhaps a special task force should be set up to study the situation for five years, make recommendations then organize a unit to video tape these hoodlums. They might want to expand the program to include “ants.”
    I’ll whip off an email officially offering my services as a “wildlife gang” expert/photographer – I figure two or three million dollars for a five year project would be regarded as a bargain. Of course, for something that long term, I’d expect a full pension…..

  5. Ed, I don’t believe it’s just grave issues psychologically. A lot of people who like power and have control issues go into these lines of work to flaunt their authority. We all know and have heard the stories of cops beating their wives, guards pushing drugs, etc. It happens. Daily. Control freaks everywhere. It is sad and stupid both. That one human being would actually waste their time writing that down just to try and punish/control another. Still, they go on… doing what they do. Courage is the road to freedom. VOICE ON, Ed. ❤ Martin Luther KIng would be so proud of his friend, stay you, stay true.

  6. carmen_ferrets says:

    or a key to freedom … 😦

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