I’m honored to have one of my books banned, Delaney’s Hope. I join a prestigious group of people who have had their books banned. The Grapes of Wrath, Green Eggs and Ham, Brave New World, Lolita, etc. See the whole list here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_books_banned_by_governments

Two days after I taught a class in prison, I received a call from the prison authorities. “You’re out. Turn in your badge,” the deputy warden said in her harshest of tones. “Your book tells of the rape and murder of a young woman.”

Yes, it does, but nowhere does it approve of such an action. I pointed that out to the friendly deputy warden, but she wasn’t impressed. So I said, “I appeal this decision.”

At the appeal hearing, the acting warden quickly moved away from the initial complaint and said that I brought in things without clearing them with the administration. Yes, I did that, as any good teacher would, bring in materials that would help students understand. In this case I only gave it to one man to teach him how to edit someone else’s work.

The hearing continued and then the acting warden said, “Now about this blog you write every week, Prison Uncensored. You are often critical of the prison.”

“Warden,” I said, “I can’t believe this is part of our discussion today.”

“We expect our employees and volunteers to say positive things about the prison and the administration. You’re banned from entering any federal prison from now on. You can appeal this decision to Ottawa if you want.”

Despite my twenty years of volunteering to teach writing in prison, I was out. I knew Ottawa would back up their local man. My daughter said, “They don’t pay you, they don’t honor you, so just get out.”

A further comment is that Delaney’s Hope is  a warden who set up a prison that really worked i.e. it changed people.  I don’t editorialize in the book, but an existing warden might not like what he or she read.

So, I’m out, but my blog continues. Prison Uncensored Blog https://prisonuncensored.wordpress.com/. The back of Delaney’s Hope says the book was banned in prison.

  1. Hmm, banned. Because they could; because they hold this terrible power over people’s lives and themselves abuse it with impunity…certainly not because they are protecting inmates! To paraphrase Johnny Cash, “…like the inmates don’t know?” I dare say, to the majority, it just makes your book(s) more relevant and reading them more imperative. Congratulations. Dixie Stewart

  2. Chrissy says:

    I am presently trying to hunt this book down, but am having difficulties finding it. I live in Nanaimo, but come to Surrey about once a month. Any ideas or suggestions where I might be able to locate it ?

    • Ed Griffin says:

      Hi Chrissy,
      It’s available as an e-book from Amazon, but I think you are looking for a printed copy. I live in North Surrey, but I could arrange to have a copy of the book for your in a store or location near where you are going. I charge $15 for a printed copy, signed by the author, but we can work that out later. Cheque in the mail?? Let me know what area you are going to and we’ll work something out. I’m currently negotiating with Black Bond Books to carry it, but it’s not there yet.
      Ed Griffin

      • Chrissy says:

        Hi Ed, It’s great to hear from you ! I come over about once a month for court. I stay at the Recovery House I cleaned up at over a year ago. The cross roads are 80th and Scott rd. As soon as I can get a year away from all charges, I want to carry the message of AA into the jails & prisons. I presently write to 2 inmates, one doing 15 years and one doing 25 to life in the States.I’ve spent quite a bit of time in jail myself and sincerely understand the effects of being cut off from the world can have. The Prisoners of the Williwaw was the first book I had ever started reading and actually finished.I read that book while in custody at A.C.C.W. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I THANK YOU ! I have passed on my opinion of you and your work to my new friends in the States, and they are eager to see if their library carries any of your books. I wish you all the best, and I pray that the powers above help you with the ongoing struggles of society,government and all the red tape !

      • Ed Griffin says:

        If you can email me or call me when you are coming to town, I will bring Delaney’s Hope (the banned one) and a copy of Prisoners of the Williwaw to you. 80th and Scot road I can do, but I don’t know where the recovery house is. There’s a Chapters on 72nd near Scot Road that I could leave a package for you of these two books.
        It’s best to communicate with me by
        phone — 604-582-1171
        or email ed@edgriffin.net
        I only read the messages on this blog once a week. We won’t worry about the cost of these books for now. When you make lots of money, you can pay me.

  3. Chrissy says:

    Hi Ed, I was wondering if there is any chance of meeting up with you or making some sort of arrangement to get a hold of your book ‘Delaney’s Hope’ ? I’m in town until Tuesday,then it’s back to the Island. It’s really tough to track down any of your work ! I understand you only check this blog once a week, and this is short notice,but I thought I’d give it a shot.

    • Ed Griffin says:

      I hope the Tuesday you refer to is Tuesday, Sept 16. I have class that day at the Phoenix Centre and I have all my books there. The Centre is right behind Surrey Hospital. The class is from 10 to noon. I’m there from 9 AM until noon, so anytime in there would work. If you don’t have $$$ on hand, no problem. We’ll work it out later.

      After my class I have to get home and my wife and I have several chores to run. However I will be home from 5 PM until sleeping time.
      That’s Monday.
      Tuesday, I’m home, writing.

      Home is 13573 113th Ave

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