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Dystopia is FREE June 26 to June 30

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This is a book about going to prison. Mike Oulton went to prison for trying to smuggle fifteen kilos of cocaine into the United States. Ed Griffin went to prison to cause a revolution. He wanted men to write their stories and when the public discovered the horror of prison, the walls would come tumbling down.

Beyond the Vows is FREE June 20 to June 23

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Young Catholic priest, JP Lacey, finds himself falling in love with a young woman, Caitlin O’Neil, who helps him with youth in the parish. Everything he learned in the seminary tells him this is wrong. Caitlin, likewise, learned that falling in love with a priest was a deadly sin. A dynamic union organizer has proposed to Caitlin, while a wild ex-nun shows JP one way to leave the priesthood, while a self-educated church janitor counsels a different way.


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When the security council of the United Nations known as the Big Five – Russia, France, Britain, the U.S. and China, veto a proposal to help starving people in Somalia, the U.N. Secretary General, Pilar Marti fights to have the Big Five disbanded in favour of a new democratic system.
With the possibility of losing control of the U.N., the Big Five do everything in their power to stop Pilar. In a cat and mouse race for her life, Pilar must convince the United Nations to change before it’s too late.