Books on Prison Reform


The Book that was Banned in a Canadian prison

2527163_origDelaney’s Dream: to create a new type of prison in northern Wisconsin.
Delaney’s Nightmare: The first inmates he gets seem bent on destroying his dream.
Delaney’s Despair: Teaching the staff, the inmates, and the community to understand a new form of prison.
Delaney’s Hope: That his radical experiment will yield positive results before the volatile mixture blows up in his face.
Delaney’s Hope: An explosive book that has a powerful message for our era.

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DystopiaDystopia is a society of human misery, squalor, disease, terror and overcrowding. It is the opposite of Utopia. This is a book about going to prison. Mike Oulton went to prison for trying to smuggle fifteen kilos of cocaine into the United States. Ed Griffin went to prison to cause a revolution. He wanted men to write their stories and when the public discovered the horror of prison, the walls would come tumbling down. Mike counts the years and the days until he can get back on the street; Ed numbers the converts to his revolution. One day they meet in a classroom and neither is the same again….

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Prisoners of the WilliwawWhat would happen if three hundred hardened convicts petitioned the United States Government for an abandoned island where, accompanied by their families, they would be set free to earn their own way? Prisoners of the Williwaw is the story of the power struggle between the idealistic leader of this expedition, convict Frank Villa, and a smooth prison boss, James T. Gilmore. Frank Villa opens a school, arranges jobs for people in a small assembly factory and calls for free elections. ‘Boss’ Gilmore opens a house of prostitution, sells booze, drugs, and guns, and schemes to take over the island one way or another.

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  1. Chrissy says:

    The first book I had ever read from cover to cover was “THE PRISONERS OF THE WILLIWAW” and that occurred while I was in jail. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down.It certainly helped me do my time. Since I’ve been out, I have became a pen pal to two inmates serving long sentences in the United States and have recommended this book in particular along with all the other books from this Author ! We sure could use A LOT more people like him.

    • Ed Griffin says:

      That is great that you try to help other inmates by letters. Nothing means more to a person in jail than mail. I can’t remember who it was, but a woman came to me at Surrey Pre-Trial and thanked me for writing Prisoners of the Williwaw. She looked at me and said, “I get it, Mr. Griffin. You’re trying to show that inmates can accomplish something good.”
      She took my breath away, she was so accurate. That was the first time anyone had summed it up so well. It has turned out to be my most popular book.
      It’s hard to get a book inside prison. Usually they want the book to come from a known book store. As I mentioned, I’m just now working on getting that book and some of my other 7 books into stores. I have one book now with Amazons printer, Life Takes A Turn. Maybe I should have all of them done that way.
      If I can help you in any way with your efforts to put books into prison, let me know

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