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I have a subscription to a great little magazine that comes four times a year. It’s Out of Bounds, prison magazine. It comes from William Head minimum security prison on Vancouver Island.

Prison cartoons sprinkle the current issue, as well as workout suggestions, poetry, articles about things in the news, and comments about prison management. The magazine seems free of management supervision, as that other famous prison magazine, the Angolite, from Louisiana’s prison in Angola.

This issue of Out of Bounds has an article about the Ashley Smith Inquest, an article on prison culture, legal news, fiction and poetry. The staff welcomes contributions from inmates and outsiders no matter where they live.

It costs $18.00 for one year and $32.00 for two years. Write to:

Out of Bounds Magazine

6000 William Head Rd.

Victoria, BC

V9C 0B5


On another issue, Amiya Fernando sent me a link to her page.

Wouldn’t it be great to have information about prison presented in a similar fashion?