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Am I soft on crime? No. Restorative Justice calls for the justice system to restore the victim, the offender and society. Restorative JusticeAll points are important. My particular work is with the offender.

Think about that – restore the offender. That means the history in the person’s mind has to be explored and his or her ideas have to be changed. And change is always hard work. Right now a person is sentenced to sit on their ass for X number of years in a cage. What good does that do? Let’s say a man breaks into a house to steal money, so he can buy drugs. There’s a lot of work ahead:

  • First of all, he has to overcome addiction, a very significant battle.Robber
  • He has to make whole the people whose house he broke into. More than likely, their insurance went up
  • He must go into his psyche and his history and find out why he does what he does.

We in the public think this kind of work happens in prison. It doesn’t.  We need helping structures with very trained people to accomplish these things. Expensive? Yes, but cheaper than more crime and cheaper that the $100 dollars a day for twenty years that it takes to keep a man in prison for that time. That’s damn near a million bucks.

And for the offender, he has to do the hardest of things – change.

“But,” the public says, “Don’t corrections do that, help the inmate?” No, corrections don’t correct, they often make things worse, but that’s another post.

We’ve been soft on crime, we’ve been tough on crime. When are we going to be smart on crime?


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