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A man in one of our local prisons has written a book about his trial and the fact that two DNA experts don’t find him at the crime scene. It’s hard to believe that such injustice can happen in Canada. The book is called Overlooked (the testimony of the DNA experts was overlooked.) He’s giving the book away, so he doesn’t run into a violation of profiting from his so-called crime. (

Does the prison system encourage people to write? Do they believe with Aristotle that “Art releases unconscious tensions and purges the soul?”

I got a letter from this man yesterday.

Hi Ed, Denied education. Denied French Classes, Punished for writing. Another year, another ebook with more retaliation by the prison system courtesy of …, the head of … This man has promised me, “I’ll ban you from computers.” (computers are very limited in all our Canadian prisons. There are usually a few in the library and a few in the school. Out of a population of 300 inmates, there may be 10 computers. Compare this to American federal prisons which now allow email and the computers to send an email.)

The man goes on to say that he can’t use the school computers to write on, and some of his work that was already there has been deleted by this official without his permission.

We don’t have to go to Russia or China or the Ukraine to find human rights abuse. This abuse is in institutions that our tax dollars are paying for.

The man ends his letter with this note: “I keep plugging away with writing.” He reminds me of the struggles Olympic athletes often have. He struggles to write despite difficulties that would stop the normal person.