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educationA young man came to my prison writing class every week. He loved the group, the interchange among the guys, the debates, the stimulus. I soon found out he was a very curious young man. He kept me hoping – and learning myself – What is a euphemism? What does it mean ‘to show, not tell?’ Who are some famous authors from my heritage?

He never missed a session.

Unrelated to our class, he broke a rule. I don’t know what rule he broke, but his punishment was not to come to the writing class anymore. I hit the ceiling. Since when has education been used as a punishment? Denying a man a class that he liked and did well in – what kind of educational policy was that?

I complained to different levels of prison officials. Of course my complaint went nowhere. It seemed that because he liked the class, they took it away from him.

As might be expected, trouble followed trouble and soon the young man was shipped to higher security.

This young man is out of prison now and is doing well. He doesn’t seem to be bitter and I hope he continues that way.

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