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Hard HatGuest Blogger. An inmate in a federal prison in the Fraser Valley. He’s a leader in the prison and a thoughtful writer.

I wonder how many people out there in the general public remember Vic Toews saying that the Conservative government wasn’t going to build new prisons with taxpayer’s dollars, but rather were going to enhance the capacity of existing ones. Judging by the public’s silence on the matter it would seem that his play on words had the intended effect, to deflect the public concern over building new prisons in a model that clearly isn’t working.

While it was said that no new prisons were being built the “enhanced capacity” is in fact the building of ninety-six bed units on the grounds of existing prisons. The interesting thing is that for those of us who are watching them being built, it looks to us like a new prison is being built in the yard of the old one. That’s the feeling we get here anyway.

Our government would have the public believe that enhancing the capacity of existing prisons by building new prisons on the prison grounds is what will help our safety.prison

The Conservative government would also have the public believe that the new omnibus crime bill is the answer to crime. Couldn’t two billion dollars be better spent?

What is needed is for our government to become a lot more progressive and forward thinking in the way it deals with crime. Instead of enhanced capacity how about enhanced rehabilitation? The current punishment based model isn’t working, so how about a call for change?

Maybe the time has come to look at a treatment centre type model for dealing with our nation’s criminals. Prisons are populated with men and women who are dealing with substance abuse and other serious issues that need to be addressed in treatment centers, not warehouses.

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