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Judge gavelThere is some fine print when someone is sentenced to prison. The judge may say, “I sentence you to X number of years, but the fine print says:

You are also sentenced to:

  • The real possibility of death. That’s not what the judge said, but the odds are high.
  • Homosexual rape
  • Poor medical care – prison officials choose the least expensive medical care
  • High odds to be knifed, to be the accidental victim of violence.
  • Of losing your self-esteem
  • Of divorce
  • Of becoming institutionalized.scream
  • If you need to get your high school diploma, be prepared for low pay teachers. Some are excellent, despite this, but many are incompetent.
  • You are also sentenced to being wrong in every situation. The guards and the staff are ALWAYS right and you are ALWAYS wrong.
  • You leave democracy when you leave the courtroom. There is no democracy in prison. It’s a dictatorship.
  • You are sentenced to miss family events, even the death of a parent.
  • You are not even able to practice the principles of restorative justice. How can you repay money to someone on $6.00 a day? How can you restore the community to health when you’re locked up?
  • You are sentenced to do time. Not to change yourself. Not to repair the harm done. Just to do time. How stupid.

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