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When our ancestors came to North America, they brought with them their legal system with its judges and punishment and prisons. As they learned more about the people whose land they took, they discovered that many of these people had a different system, which we call restorative restorativejustice. The native peoples tried to restore the victim of crime, the offender who committed the crime, and the community that suffered the harm.

  • Restore the victim – Make up for their loss wherever possible.
  • Restore the offender – don’t just punish them, work with them to restore the person to become a good member of society.
  • Restore the community – a little harder to understand, but when a crime is committed on my street, I feel a lot less safe.

For us, this is a whole new way of thinking. Pick up your local paper:

  • Does it tell of victims being given psychological help?
  • Does it show that a judge put real thought into how to teach a criminal a new way?
  • What does the government do to make people feel safer?