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FreeThis week, on Wednesday and Thursday, I’m giving away E-book copies of Dystopia. This is a book about prison, about my journey into prison to teach creative writing, and about Mike Oulton’s journey thru prison starting from his arrest in Mexico for smuggling drugs. Mike spent two years in Mexican prisons and eight years in Canadian prisons. You will be surprised to find out which system he liked better.

This book is not a treatise on prison reform – it’s full of stories of the people both of us met in prison. You will see clearly what an American maximum-security prison is like, what happens in a poverty-stricken Mexican prison, and how staff treat inmates in Canadian prisons.Dystopia

A few quotes from Ed and Mike:

“Let no one say I’m soft on crime. I call for a system that demands of criminals real change. Right now convicts don’t have to alter their behavior, they just have to do their time. Boring, but easy. I call for wardens to devise correctional facilities that really correct, that demand socially acceptable behavior and the personality structure to support it.” Ed Griffin

“There’s no such thing as a halfway crook.” Mike Oulton

“I came to prison to cause a revolution and what I found was a friend.”  Ed Griffin

“Writing changed my life and melted the bars around my soul.” Mike Oulton

Even if you don’t have an E-book, you can download this book to your computer and read it there. Here’s the link:

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P.S.  I had a very enjoyable weekend at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. There was a time in my life when I figured I could stop going to conferences, stop reading books about writing and stop listening to experts talk about writing. I guess I figured I knew it all. How foolish. We all have a lot to learn and learning never stops.