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Last night an inmate called me from this area’s Protective Custody prison. I worked with this man in PreTrial, talking to him two or three times a week. He long ago reformed of his crime (in my opinion), but he still has a few more years of his sentence to go.

I don’t call him, he calls me and he has to pay for the call. He works as a tutor in the institution and makes a few dollars a day. I don’t know how much he paid for the phone call, but he talked to me for 45 minutes.

He told of his struggle with depression, a battle he’s been fighting as long as I’ve known him. I suggested he talk to a counselor there, one on one.

“There isn’t anybody here like that.”

person attention

Personal Attention = Success

“What? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No, there just isn’t anyone here like that. I talk to one of the religion volunteers and a woman who helps me with my studies and you.”

“Come on. There’s 4-500 guys there. Many of them need help, I’m sure.”

“There’s no one.”

one on one

One on one

I was amazed. Many things help rehabilitate a man, but there has to be personal involvement. We understand that in a school environment – counselors help students from elementary school to post graduate. In the medical area, scientists are at the verge of a new age of individualized medicines.

It seems to me that a critical part of effective help is individual attention.


Isn’t that right? What’s wrong with the prison system?

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