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As we saw last week, the critical moment in an inmate’s life is getting out of jail. The young man we saw last week was greeted by some very negative, one-sided press.

I was amazed that remand centres did not have programs for getting out of jail. They simply said goodbye. Yet it is of vital importance as to who picks a person up. Will it be a family member or a gang contact? What will the inmate do on their first day out of prison? An inmate I knew saw this problem and set up his own program to help men adapt on their first days out of jail.

Other inmates get out after long stretches of imprisonment. Society is often a puzzle to them.

The statistic tells it all. In Canada, one half of the inmates return to prison for one reason or another. That’s a terrible indictment of our prison system.

What is to be done? We ordinary people cannot go to prison to help, but we can help in the community. And that’s where help is needed. Of course, we have to do that work with the knowledge and support of the person’s parole officer.