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A guest blog by our favourite inmate commentator

Government Math

mathIt seems that the Conservative government, and especially Vic Toews, have problems with math. They just can’t seem to make things add up but they keep trying to convince the public otherwise

On April 19 the Conservatives announced that they were closing 2 federal prisons, Kingston and Leclerc. Theses closures will save the government 120 million when they are phased out in 2012.The government is building 2700 beds worth of “enhanced capacity” and with these closures is doing away with 1000 beds for a net gain of 1700.  The problem is that they are not seeing the projected rise in prison populations but in true government fashion have made a decision and have to stick by it.

Budgets are being reduced in the public safety sector and jobs are being cut as the government is making an attempt to show Canadians that they can be responsible with their tax dollars and save money. Perhaps questions should be about these new beds that they are adding to the prisons at huge cost to the taxpayers while at the same time laying off employees in the public safety sector.

Because these new prison beds were approved out of a previous budget that money in the government’s mind has already been spent and construction continues full steam ahead. Apparently money that was earmarked for projects from previous budgets becomes a part of history to be forgotten. Everyone knows that government projects are notorious for being over budget so where is the over budget money going to come from?

So if there isn’t enough money for employees who will run these jails that are being built on the grounds of other jails? The inmates perhaps?

Our government is not being clear about what it is doing with taxpayer dollars and instead is playing a kind of shell game with the public’s money, money that has been entrusted to them to use in the best interests of the public. Is building more jails while at the same time cutting the jobs and the budget that would go into staffing them a constructive use of taxpayer dollars? This writer thinks not. But hey – I’m just an inmate, maybe people out in the public need to take the government to task for how they are using their money.math


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PS. (by Ed) Minister Toews seems to lack more than math skills. His recent cuts to prisoner work incentives indicates he lacks common sense.