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Are arrogant people attracted to jobs in prison? I’ve certainly known some who were not arrogant. I think of a chaplain who was paid by the prison system. He went as far as he could in helping the guys. By the way he talked to them, he affirmed for them that they were good human beings.

When I went into the prison, I was usually surrounded by a bunch of guys in the hallway as we waited for the guard to open our classroom. We were all laughing and joking around. A certain high ranking prison official would pass us by, and I could see the scowl on her face. This official did everything she could to slowly move me out the door. That’s not arrogance, but it’s something.

It seemed to me that when Harper became Prime Minister, this arrogance got worse. Of course I can’t prove it. It was like “We can do anything we want. The government will back us up.” Witness the Ashley Smith case where prison personnel went way outside the rules.

This is a correctional institution?