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A friend of mine applied for a job as a Social Program worker. She was anxious to work with inmates to help them adopt pro-social attitudes and she came to the job with considerable experience working with people.

“What do I do on my shift?’

“When the inmates go back to their cells, you collect the basketballs and so forth. You count everything and check for damage.”

“What do I do when the inmates are in free time? Can I help them form reading clubs and things like that?”

“No. No. No. You stay in the office during that time. Watch TV, read a book, sleep, whatever. You have no contact with inmates.”

“But…isn’t that the job, social program officer?”

“Not here.”

She stayed on the job only one day.

When I asked another official for something, he would talk and talk, especially about how busy he was. These discussions took ten to twenty minutes. I knew that in business less than a minute could resolve the question.

In my twenty years volunteering in prison, I saw two men doing the job of one, I saw groups of guards chit-chatting in the bubble, and vacation spots and computer games replacing work on their computers.

These are correctional institutions and the staff must be trained to do the ‘correcting.’ Right now the public is getting ripped off.Do Nothing

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