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Restorative JusticeI’m not a legal student, but I often wonder if something isn’t wrong with our system of law, which we inherited from the British. Our criminal trials are often lengthy discussions of the law and arguments about the facts. What we don’t consider is the harm to the victim or getting the offender on the right path or restoring confidence to the general public.

I know, I know we pay lip service to these things, but what real help do we give the family whose home has been invaded and trashed? “The insurance will take care of it,” we say. That’s nonsense. Do we provide counseling services for as long as they’re needed to the family of someone murdered? Do we provide for a widow’s future?

And the offender. The British system says, “Put him in a cage for twenty years.” That helps nobody. Our prisons are crime schools and warehouses.

We in the public have the right to live in peace. We shouldn’t have to fear for our safety or that our homes are going to be broken into. The judicial process should also be about restoring the community to good health.

Restorative justice has it right: Restore the victim, the offender and the community.restorative justice


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