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freeMy novel, VETO, will be free this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 24, 25 and 26

Even if you don’t have an E-reader, you can download it to your computer. I’d Vetoreally appreciate your help.

What if the next Secretary-General of the UN were a woman?

VETO is the story of Pilar Marti, a UN bureaucrat who rises above her limitations to become a great Secretary-General, one who transforms the UN from inertia to dynamism, from control by five veto countries to a representative world body. Pilar grows with the job, becoming a take-charge person who breaks out of the church-like UN building and confronts the world’s problems.

People often rise to the office they find themselves in. Haberdasher Harry Truman became a great president. Schoolteacher Golda Meir led Israel in difficult times. Party official Michel Gorbachev introduced wide reforms in Russia. Pilar Marti tries to help people in Africa who need food and water and in the process she makes some powerful enemies.

We’ve seen recently how powerless the UN is in Syria. Pilar knows the veto is at the heart of the UN’s problems.

VETO won second prize for a novel in progress in the Quilberry Lane Contest from Austin, Texas in 2006


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