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crimeRestore the Victim. Though I’ve spent my life trying to restore inmates, the perpetrators of crime, I’ve paid little attention to the victims of crime. This is wrong. As I watch TV and listen to those who’ve lost a loved one, to those who’ve been robbed, I know that we are not even close to “restoring the victim.”

I’m new to this area of concern, but it seems to me that there should be a lot of people helping the victim. Many people involve themselves with the offender, judges, lawyers, clerks, prison officials, parole officers etc. Who helps the victim? No one. Where are the counselors for victims? Where are those who would help with financial losses? Where are those who help the victims see clearly?


Victim of Crime

Ruining another family does not restore the victim’s family.

TV and the media have it all wrong. “Are you satisfied with the verdict?” That’s a common question the media asks. Why don’t they ask the victim how they’re doing?

Organizations which call for longer sentences remind me of the old, sad proverb that violence begets violence. How about helping other victims? How about getting to the causes of crime, poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity etc.

abused womanVictims of crime have been neglected. That’s not right.

I strongly believe that our entire justice system needs to be revamped on the principles of restorative justice.


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